Often customer’s product can benefit from a customized version of standard semiconductor package or integrated circuit package. At Micro-Precision Technologies, we can repackage a standard or customized die into a different package which may improve the thermal performance, pinout configuration, electrical performance, or mechanical size and shape according to the customer’s specific application requirements.

In all cases we work with our customers to design and manufacture customized packaging solutions to their semiconductor needs.

While the package of a component doesn’t change the function of the die, it can have a dramatic impact on the performance of the component. Packaging holds the component(s) in place, protects them against impact, vibration, and corrosion, provides the means to connect the components to the surrounding circuitry, and dissipates heat. For example, a die encased in plastic packaging will not likely have the same operating temperature range as a die encased in ceramic packaging. Other packaging tradeoffs may impact electrical or speed properties.

Hermetic packaging can be employed to protect the die from adverse environmental conditions where required. These packages fall into three main categories:

  • Multilayer ceramic packages-consisting of ceramic tape that is metalized, laminated, fired, electroplated and sealed with a metal lid and plated sealing ring.
  • Pressed ceramic packages-constructed by pressing and firing ceramic powder and sealing the package with a melted glass lid.
  • Metal can packages-formed with a metal can and a welded metal base with a glass seal.

Besides material choice there are many configuration choices. There are literally thousands of choices in custom semiconductor packaging configuration.

Each configuration, material, lead style and length has circuit performance implications along with impacts on the cost of the circuit, its maintainability and its reliability. Because of this, semiconductor fabrication is a complex process with many variables. Micro-Precision Technologies has the experience to design and manufacture the correct semiconductor packaging for your application.

While repackaging is often a viable solution to your component performance problems, it is a very complicated topic. MPT has the experience and the processes in place to help you choose the best solution for your application and budget working with you to find the most cost effective way to address your needs.

Why Micro-Precision Technologies

  • Small Lot Friendly
  • Consigned or Full Turnkey Assemblies
  • Class 10,000 Cleanroom for Assembly (0.5 micron per cubic foot)
  • Class 100 Cleanroom for Pre-Cap Inspection (0.5 micron per cubic foot)
  • AS9100D ISO-9001:2015 Certified
  • MIL-PRF-38534 Class H Qualified
  • QML-389534 Listed

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MPT is MIL-PRF-38534 Class H qualified since 1998, QML-38534 listed, certified by DSCC (Defense Supply Center, Columbus, OH). MPT is AS9100D ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR registered.