Obsolete Semiconductor Manufacturing Services

MPT's customers have needs with regard to obsolete semiconductor parts that fall into several categories:

  • Often they are legacy parts that are no longer available.
  • Sometimes a part is needed that is similar to a legacy component, but with minor changes.
  • Or, perhaps, a part is currently available but the customer’s needs would be better served with a minor modification.

The MPT Solution

For customers that require a technical solution to their obsolescence problem, at MPT we can design a cost-effective solution to create a pin to pin compatible replacement, guaranteed to meet the form, fit and functional specifications of the original part. Sometimes this can be achieved by acquiring new original raw die from the original manufacturer and packaging it into the old package that is no longer available (particularly ceramic packages). Or, sometimes a new circuit can be developed from the currently available die, which can be packaged into the old package, or another suitable package as dictated by the technical requirements of the application. And sometimes it is also possible to cost effectively create a new custom die to replicate the old function, depending on the technical requirements of the application.

A special note for our current and potential customers

The “obsolete semiconductor suppliers” business occurs in a highly varied market on a global scale. It is dominated by a large number of brokers that specialize in finding obsolete parts. It is a largely unregulated market with few standards or guidelines. Brokers have been known to purchase from others’ old stock, recycle used parts and even counterfeit parts by relabeling to imply extended performance attributes. Unfortunately, these practices occur frequently and can be difficult to detect.

The MPT Pledge
MPT never sells recycled, counterfeited, relabeled or old parts produced by another manufacturer. We only supply custom manufactured parts that solve our customers’ obsolescence problems. Our parts always meet or exceed the form, fit and function specifications of the original part in a custom manufactured configuration.

Examples of Obsolete Semiconductor Solutions

Ceramic Packages: As the electronics industry has migrated to smaller and smaller plastic packages, some of the larger, ceramic packages are no longer available. Existing die or similar die can be packaged into the old ceramic packages to create a working replacement.

Operating Voltage: Legacy semiconductors typically function with 5V, or +/-15V power supplies, while newer semiconductors often operate on lower voltages. We can often add or modify circuitry inside the device, to accommodate the higher voltages of older systems.

Pb-bearing terminations: With RoHS standards becoming the norm for most electronic parts, exempt markets such as the defense and aerospace industry find that parts compatible with the Pb-bearing processes are not available. We can resolve the RoHS package issues as part of an overall solution provided.

Operating Temperatures: Need to operate at higher temperatures? We can package die into a higher temperature package, and test/sort across the extended temperature range to offer customized high-temperature solutions.

Proprietary Solutions: Would your project benefit from a proprietary semiconductor, not available to any other competition? We can package several dies into a single package, offering a customized integrated solution with a smaller overall footprint, which cannot easily be copied by competitors.

Why Micro-Precision Technologies

  • Small Lot Friendly
  • Consigned or Full Turnkey Assemblies
  • Class 10,000 Cleanroom for Assembly (0.5 micron per cubic foot)
  • Class 100 Cleanroom for Pre-Cap Inspection (0.5 micron per cubic foot)
  • AS9100D ISO-9001:2015 Certified
  • MIL-PRF-38534 Class H Qualified
  • QML-389534 Listed

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MPT is MIL-PRF-38534 Class H qualified since 1998, QML-38534 listed, certified by DSCC (Defense Supply Center, Columbus, OH). MPT is AS9100D ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR registered.