High power light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can use 350 milliwatts or more in a single LED. Most of the electricity in an LED becomes heat rather than light (about 70% heat and 30% light). If this heat is not removed, the LEDs run at high temperatures, which not only lowers their efficiency, but also makes the LED less reliable. Thus, thermal management of high power LEDs is crucial. Below is a table that details thermal management of FR4 material vs Alumina based materials:

Material (W/m-K)
Alumina 28–35
Aluminum Nitride 140–180
Beryllium Oxide 170–280
FR-4 0.8–1.1

Thick film processing of alumina based materials is a selective additive deposition process which uses material only where it is needed. Therefore thermal interface materials (heat sinks) are not needed for circuit building. Processing steps are reduced, along with the number of materials and amount of materials consumed.

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