Volume Prototypes to Thousands per month

Westbond Auto Ball/Wedge Bonder

Westbond Auto Ball/Wedge Bonder
  • 3x3 wedge bond area
  • 4x6 ball bond area
  • Cognex pattern recognition, high frequency ultrasonics
  • Stud Bumping & Security Ball

Hughes 2460-V Auto Wedge Bonder

Hughes 2460-V Auto Wedge Bonder
  • Deep Access - Ultrasonic or Thermosonic wedge bonding
  • Bond Area: up to 5 in. x 12 in.
  • Gold or Aluminum wire, 0.7 to 2 mil Ribbon Bonds - half X 3 or 5

(2) MRSI 505 Die Attach Systems

MRSI 505 Die Attach System
  • Die sizes from .008 to 1.5 inches
  • 12.5 µm placement accuracy
  • Programmable bond force/dwell
    (10-500 gms)
  • Epoxy Stamping: .004 mil Dot+

MRSI 170 Dispense System

MRSI 170 Dispense System
  • Dual Auger pumps with 10x10 dispense area
  • Epoxy, under-fill, encapuslate, optical fluid can be dispensed and accurately controlled

Hesse Autobonder, Ai/Au Wedge

Hesse Autobonder
  • Large 8"x10" bonding area
  • Heated stage for Au wedge
  • Vision system
  • High speed bonding

SST1200 Vacuum Seal Oven

Hesse Autobonder
  • 5" x 4" process area
  • Lid seal
  • Eutectric die attach
  • 450°C operating temperature

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