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Why Thick Film Technology

Thick film hybrids are a more robust alternative to Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).  In many cases, a thick film hybrid can replace the PCB to function in environmentally adverse conditions.  Thick film hybrids can operate in extreme heat, underwater, and in many other conditions in which a PCB cannot function.

A summary of advantages of thick film technology:

  • Higher precision on resistors.  PCB resistors are mounted, while thick film resistors are printed, fired and trimmed to greater precision.
  • Higher reliability due to fewer soldering connections than a PCB.  Printed thick film circuits have higher metal interconnection reliability.
  • More compact, efficient package.  A thick film hybrid can be half the size of a PCB.
  • Wider temperature range.  Thick film circuits are tested to function in extreme heat and adverse condition.
  • Fully encapsulated packaging.  More resistant to moisture, heat, corrosion, and shock.
  • Economical.  Thick film packaging does not require mounting into a box, an advantage that can be a significant cost savings.


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